About Brandford

Expert in professional cooling

More than 20,000 ongoing retail facilities across Russia and the CIS.

We are chosen by such key retail players as AUCHAN, ATAC, Magnit, X5 Retail Group, Dixy, Lenta, OK, Metro Cash&Carry, Monetka.

Brandford’s experienced engineers and inspired industrial designers create equipment surpassing customer expectations in terms of functionality and aesthetics and hve been setting new patterns for industry-specific development since 2000.

Efficient innovations

Brandford si avvale della continua consulenza della Ricerca&Sviluppo tecnologico di SEST S.p.A per raggiungere soluzioni innovative e di alta performance.
SEST S.p.A e un punto di riferimento nel mondo per la produzione di scambiatori di calore per la refrigerazione commerciale.
La cooperazione continua tra gli ingegneri di SEST S.p.A e gli industrial designer di Brandford permette di raggiungere la massima efficienza di refrigerazione abbinata ad un’alta capacita di esposizione ed a un ridotto consumo di energia.

To implement its innovative and high-tech solutions, Brandford is improving its product range in constant cooperation with the engineering department of SEST S.p.A., the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial cooling heat exchangers.
Such cooperation between SEST and Brandford engineers allows for the maximum efficiency of refrigeration equipment along with better display and reduced energy demand to be achieved.

Reliable and easy operation

By offering wide range of solutions for professional cooling & refrigeration, Danfoss focus on products’ quality.
Advanced tests and unique Danfoss knowledge help to develop reliable Electronic components, necessary to create ideal conditions for food storage and guarantee comfortable service.

Fischer Jurgen, President
Danfoss Cooling Segment, DCS

Уникальное энергосбережение

Cisaplast e un produttore italiano di porte in vetro, leader mondiale nel campo della refrigerazione
commerciale, con spiccata propensione nel campo dell’efficenza energetica.
La crescita della competizione nel campo del energy-saving e la conseguente ricerca di risposte appropriate
sono diventate sempre piu cruciali. La costante ricerca di soluzioni tecnologiche innovative permette a Cisaplast di offrire prodotti unici e esclusivi, capaci di garantire alte performance nel campo dell’efficenza energetica.
Nell’interesse dei propri Clienti, Branford predilige le soluzioni ad alta qualita e sceglie di adottare
le innovative tecnologie energy-saving per i propri banchi.

With competitive expansion, the issue of energy savings and the search for high-quality solutions is becoming increasingly important. Continuous development allows Cisaplast to offer exclusive and unique products that guarantee high-performance energy saving for professional cooling. Taking care of its customers, Brandford values high-quality products and chooses to implement innovative energy-saving technology in its equipment.

Barbara Guiducci, President
Cisaplast S.p.A., market leader of energy-saving solutions for commercial refrigeration, Italy

Advanced equipment

Tecumseh compressors are characterized by their high reliability and robustness. Consequently, they have been successfully used in the most demanding equipment for more than 80 years.
Important manufacturers aiming to produce premium commercial refrigeration equipment need such an advanced and high-quality product. Brandford is one of these manufacturers. Its constant desire to progress and its creative approach to solving the problems is the key to explain its leadership in the CIS market. Moral satisfaction is high when compressor capacity is fully revealed by such well-achieved displays as Brandfordones.

Francois Masse, Sales Director
Tecumseh Europe