All eyes on products

In order to let customers shop with ease, products should look very inviting and stay fresh for a long time.
The display of products should be sufficient, the equipment used should be invisible. Customers come here not to look at the design of store equipment. The best design is the one that does not distract attention from products, but the one that makes equipment invisible.

Flat design

Better customer intimacy

Narrow fronts and ultra-thin profiles do not draw customer attention away from products. The flat design makes showcases more open, and the products displayed become closer and more accessible to the customers.

Invisible equipment

For any interior

The stylish flat design fits seamlessly into any interior and emphasises the personal touch of the store’s design.
The design of INVISIBLE LINE equipment evokes a sensation of premium service. Customers shop with ease and will be happy to come again.

All eyes on products

Led lighting fitted in the base

The impeccable design of INVISIBLE LINE embodies the concept of invisible equipment, which brings the product to the fore.

Ergonomic design

More products

The INVISIBLE LINE style is not only a perfect design, but also an opportunity to offer customers more fresh food.
Unmatched functionality and ergonomic design greatly improve loading and displaying capabilities, ensuring unique efficiencies in the use of valuable retail space.

Changing the perception of efficiency

Innovative design solutions enable INVISIBLE LINE to combine high cooling efficiency and unrivalled cold temperature and energy savings.

Reliable partners

Professional cooling

INVISIBLE LINE equipment has been developed in close cooperation with global manufacturers, such as: SEST, Danfoss, Cisaplast, Tecumseh, etc.